Instrument Care

Relative Humidity

All J. Rieck instruments are built in a climate-controlled workshop with 45% relative humidity (RH). Extremes of RH are harmful to the instrument and can cause failures of glue joints, body cracks, and poor playability. I recommend keeping your instrument in the case when not in use and maintaining the environment inside the case. There are many commercially available products to help monitor and control humidity inside your case. Extremes of temperature are also to be avoided as they can also compromise glue joints and cause damage to the finish.

Fingerboard and Bridge

The fingerboard and bridge are bare wood and therefore they can dry out over time. Should they appear dry, wipe them with a small amount lemon oil and buff off the remainder. Do not leave pooled oil on the wood as it will attract dirt and grime. I also recommend wiping down the strings with a soft cloth after playing. This will not only extend the life of your strings but also keep your fingerboard clean.